Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday Originally uploaded by mirvettium. Forgot to buy milk and juice yesterday, and now everything is closed dammit. At least I have enough cream left over from yesterday’s mash to make this.


Oh my gawd what a lousy reason to take a day off, I’m down witht the flu on the day that we get hot cross bun for tea and when the team is supposed to go out for yum cha. I haaate my life, but common sense told me to stay at home, particularly since… Continue reading Achooi

Windows on Mac?

SAN FRANCISCO – Apple Computer has stunned the Mac world – again! – by launching free software that will enable owners of the latest Intel-powered Macintosh models to run Windows natively on their Macs. Apple executives had earlier denied they would do this. The news saw Apple shares jump more than 6 percent to $65… Continue reading Windows on Mac?