Wool gathering

Funny thing about listening to KnitCast (a knitting podcast) is that I never can quite guess what’s going to be on. Currently listening to it at work and ended up smirking and laughing quite a bit when listening to the birthday edition. It started off as another interview based on knitting, i.e. why do you it, why do you blog/podcast, what’s the knitting scene like… Then all of a sudden it ended up being techo with all of these ladies comparing softwares they’re using to podcast, rattling off numbers and models, cursing RSS feed and iTunes. It’s bloody amusing listening to these prim voices cursing their softwares and sounding really excited about programs they haven’t used for editing and what not.

Aside from knitting thing, KnitCast is one of the better independently produced podcast I have listened to. It might help that Marie Irshad’s full time job is as an audio editor and she has a really soothing voice to listen to.

Weekend seemed like aages away all of a sudden. Hayase! Was busy with lots of new people, and pirochan handed me phoenix wright. I’m on the second case and on the third cross-examination, and that was in one sitting! Evil evil thing, but oh so much fun!

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