Windows gets to Mac screens

SAN JOSE – Two hackers who found a way to run Microsoft’s Windows XP
operating system on new Intel-powered Macintosh computers, have won an
$13,854 cash prize,

Colin Nederkoorn, a shipping broker in Houston who offered the prize, says
he just wants to streamline his work: instead of using his Apple PowerBook
for some programs and a Windows PC for others, he’d like to just use one

Late Thursday, the prize went to two San Francisco Bay Area software
developers, Jesus Lopez, 33, and Eric Wasserman, 41.

The hack, which is downloadable from a Web site, still takes some tedious
labour and technical know-how, but Nederkoorn predicts an easier version for
mainstream computer users might be available within a year

Apple executives last year predicted that some users would find a way to run
Windows on a Mac and said they wouldn’t stand in the way of it, though they
don’t encourage it. But they draw the line at anyone trying to run the Mac
OS on a Windows PC.

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