Keep calm and keep growing

Gardening notes

I’ve always believe that when in panic, channel all that lovely nervous energy to something else. Occasionally I wish I can convert all this latent energy into marathon training or something similarly physical, but somehow the idea does not appeal. So why the panic? I’m currently living life as lady of (panicky) leisure, as my contract expired a couple of weeks ago. In between bouts of boredom while applying and panic waiting for the phone (not) to ring(ing), my normal state defaults to watching the grass grow.

Amid a topsy turvy year, I finally moved to place with enough sun and patch of green to cultivate something other than mould. The last house I rented was a good metre lower than the other houses around it and with a giant lily pily tree blocking what remained of the sun only weeds thrived outside and mould inside the house. K’s garden balcony had also inspired me to start mucking around in the soil. Using a couple of pots he managed to harvest enough chilli for a year as well as herbs for everyday cooking. Blogs like the amazing Vertical Veg inspired me to use whatever space I have to be an urban farmer. The idea of self sustainability and reducing carbon footprint in the long run was appealing and it’s lovely to see Australian bloggers such as the Edible Urban Garden  and 500m2 in Sydney growing and harvesting from their backyard. With Sydney property being stupidly expensive and the dream of a big backyard with a shed at the back being a pipe dream for most, it’s liberating to think that even my patch of green can grow something that birds and slugs might find tempting.

So, what exactly am I growing and where? Out the back there’s a raised garden bed measuring about 2 x 1 metre filled with soil, weed and not much less. My aim is to slowly convert it into a veggie / plant patch.

I raked the bed, tore up a lot of the weed and made sure the weedy roots are uprooted before planting the following seeds:

  • Chilli pepper – cayenne
  • Dwarf beans
  • Coriander
  • Kale
  • Parsley
  • Blue cornflower

Week 1

Thankfully Sydney’s wet weather helped these seeds to germinate and after a week, the above baby plants are growing rather nicely. Very excited about growing kale and having a ready bunch when I need it. I first ate this spinach like green in New York where almost every cafe in Brooklyn served kale instead of spinach.

Now I just need to water occasionally, and continue writing applications.

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