MSG #22 – Ending the year at Misky Cravings

I was craving a bit of Peruvian cuisine, feeling nostalgic after my trip to Peru a few months back. I was really excited when I heard of the Peruvian restaurant Misky Cravings from Grab Your Fork‘s review in Timeout.  The word Misky means delicious or yum in Quechua (the ancient language of the Andean people), highly appropriate for this little gem run by husband and wife team Julio and Carmita Ruiz in the middle of Fairfield. It opened last July, but the words has already got around that this is the Peruvian restaurant to go to. Popular with the local Peruvian community, the restaurant is great reason to venture out into the suburbs.

A hint when you are trying to find the restaurant, it’s actually in a little alley between a florist and a chemist. They do have signage, but you have to poke your head in or risky wandering around for half an hour.

Misky Cravings 89

First up, while waiting for others to show up is the Yuquitas ala huancayna – deep fried cassava topped with a slightly spicy and delicate cheese sauce and a hint of yellow chilli. Think a more starchy version of wedges.

Misky Cravings 62

Causita frita de atún – Fried mash potato seasoned with peruvian spices and filled with
Tuna topped with a tangy seafood and mayonnaise. 

This is actually a combination of the seafood plate above and the three plates of ball shaped deep fried dough below. A number of MSGers are allergic to prawns, so we had to order prawns on the side. Eaten separately, they were good, together the creamy seafood sauce is great with the tuna balls.

For drinks we ordered a jug of Chica Morada – unfermented chicha made from purple maize which is then boiled. It can drunk hot or cold, but has a distinct bubble gum flavour which depending on your palate might be a little too sweet or refreshing.

If you’re after ceviche we ordered two, the first (see above) Tiradito A type of ceviche with a twist of Asian influence; slices of fish marinated in lime ginger, garlic and chilli paste. 

The second and what I would recommend is the Leche de tigre –An aphrodisiac hang over cure; spiced up blended ceviche (photo below, left hand side). It’s refreshing with a lime and spanish onion kick and thanks to the chef who gave us a complimentary serving, this is what I would come back for.

One of the thing which surprised me about Peruvian cuisine is the unexpected mix of Chinese inspired cuisines such as :

Arroz Chaufa de Mariscos (above bottom right) – “House specialty” Luscious and aphrodisiac mix of rice and seafood in a typical and traditional style


Tallarin saltado de pollo/carne (below top left)- Pasta al dente with chicken or beef sautéed at the moment with onions, tomato, shallots and flamed with white wine in traditional spices with a touch of cilantro

Both dishes can be found in most Chinese restaurant anywhere in the world. Thanks to the Chinese immigrants in Peru this tradition of the East can be seen in the number of Chifa (Chinese restaurants around Peru).

The must have dish for me is the Causa Limeñisima  – Mash potato with a hint of Peruvian spices filled with chicken/Tuna or shrimp, avocado and a touch of mayonnaise

I first had this during the Inca trail out of all places. Our amazing chef managed to whip up this dish in the middle of the mountains. It sounds like a strange mix, but think of all the best quality of mash potato, it’s creaminess add a dash of spice and somehow the texture is an amazing companion for the tuna underneath. Try it, you’ll get it.

Pescado frito – Whole fresh Trivally catch, deepfried to perfection. Servedwith cassava,
traditional sarsa and chilli

Misky Cravings 16

As it was the last MSG for the year (two years running now! We swapped out Kris Kringles before finishing up with dessert.

Misky chocolate – Our own style Iced chocolate served with vanilla ice cream $ 4.50
Misky coffee – Our own style Ice coffee served with vanilla Ice cream

My vote is to finish with the Picarones  – Light and crispy doughnut like Peruvian delicatessen served with “rock sugar ” syrup. 

Address: 2/164 The Boulevard
Fairfield Heights NSW 2165
Phone: (02) 9726 4771
Mobile: 0421 657 197 or 0449 055 603

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