Happy Lunar New Year…dragon style!

If you were not glued to the telly watching the epic marathon of a match between Nadal and Djokovic  you might be with the other half of Sydney who were out in force along George Street watching the Twilight Parade.

Dancing in the street #CNY012

It has been a long time since I venture out to the city to see the Chinese New Year festivities. It was quite a sight seeing everyone lined up on the pavement, a forest of arms up in the air with their phone trying to get a second hand glimpse of the street.

Crowd at hungry jack taking photos of Chinese new year parade on George St


I was a little tickled with the number of sponsorships, St George (wow dragon mascot for a bank! what fateful pairing!), Medibank and Ayam coconut milk meandered past the crowd in their respective floats.





For more photos check out the official website they are scanning instagram for photos with hashtag #CNYSYD. I’m quite taken with how everything is being organised, City of Sydney well done you!

2 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year…dragon style!

  1. Hehe it does reek of “brought to you by…Asian food supplier” 🙂 Surprised they didn’t have a giant fortune cookie box to be honest.

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