Too much travelling means I have so many photos and not enough time to post them. Like this gig from Kimbra’s show at the Metro a couple of months. What an incredible voice and still 21! Can’t believe her range and it took me  a while to realise that a number of her songs were sung solely by her, no other female vocals were used. I love her throaty, jazzy sounds and at times she reminded me of a young Amy Winehouse.


In real life she is surprisingly tiny, considering how large her voice is. But those red, red lips took centre stage.


Her second costume is this Spanish influenced red dress that was in danger of falling off throughout the entire show. Rather distracting really, as it came quite close to a wardrobe malfunction for a moment or two. Loved the show and can’t wait to see where she goes from here, I still have Good Intent in my head for days after.


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