2010 started by drunkenly toasting the year ahead to the strain of Black Eyed Peas’s I’ve Got A Feeling. Not quite sure what this means, but on the first day of the year, my voice was husky and I was very happy.

I can hardly believe, that it’s already the 9th day of the New Year and I am still processing photos from previous years (gasp!). Looking through photos of the two monk statue in Penang I took some years back, it seem appropriate to use them for this post.

I don’t know what this year will bring, I thought I knew what to expect last year, but a number of variables fell into place and I ended up back in Sydney after a short stint in the UK.

Happy and Sad

2009 was a year of one too many changes for comfort. The year in summary:

  • Bounced back between Australia and UK  for the golden ticket a Visa
  • Visa failed!
  • Came back despondent, but found the closest thing to a dream job
  • Ate some memorable meals throughout October
  • Met a number of delightful people through starting MSG
  • Moved into a cottage within walking distance to Zumbo (ok it is a long-ish walk)
  • Completed my life with the iPhone

Last year made me realise, how lucky I am to have the most lovely, supportive friends around me. I wish I could mass migrate a number of them across the sea, such as the  London SnB crew, but not sure that’s possible…

For 2010, I am hoping to:

  • Organise more Midweek Supper Group (MSG) dinners. We’re up to supper #7 next week, and it’s incredible to see how this little group managed to build up momentum ever so quickly
  • Knit more
  • Blog more
  • Enjoy life more
  • Achieve the laughing monk’s  zen like state throughout the year. I believe eating plenty of good food with good friends is a prerequisite to a good life.

Happy and Sad

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