By the sea

Sculpture by the Sea

The rather insane heat wave in the past week was an unwelcome reminder of how hot the Australian summer can be. Scanning through photos of last week’s visit to Sculpture by the Sea I wonder what will power prevented me from flinging myself into the sea rather than be jostled around by the thousands of visitors on the last day of exhibition. This year’s exhibition was bigger than before, stretching along from Bondi to Tamarama.

Sculpture by the Sea

I met up with Y and B at the beginning of the walk, before quickly losing them within the crowd of sight seers while waiting for T. While waiting, it struck me again how the setting managed to steal the thunder away from the many sculptures around the area. On a beautiful summer day, Bondi with its jeweled coloured sea and blindingly blue sky dominated the setting and it was almost easy to forget why I was there in the first place.

Wandering along the path, it was great to see some familiar work. Keid Moseholm was a regular exhibitor with his easily recognisable sumo like figures in bronze and granite.

Sculpture by the Sea

I loved Phil Price’s Morpheus, this wind driven sculpture danced with each breeze through a number of fluid, graceful permutation that was mesmerising to watch. Had they install this sculpture in the middle of the city, I would happily spend my lunch time watching it for hours.

Sculpture by the Sea

Other noticeable sculptures for me was the Big Drink (also known as the straw), Stephen King’s The Eight, Brenner and Medwell’s visual pun of Step by step, inch by inch…towards the precipice made out of sand shoes and Marguerite Derricourt’s delightful rat race.

Sculpture by the Sea


Sculpture by the Sea

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