A winter’s feast at Est.

1 course    35
2 courses  50
3 courses  60

est. winter feast( clockwise) passion fruit soufflé
tangelo sorbet, fresh dates, nashi, pistachio and clove
tahitian vanilla cheesecake, strawberry  sorbet

As much as I love to hate Merivale for being so good in creating and building its empire on glamorous, over hyped sites around Sydney, I have to admit that they know what they’re doing. Their Merivale’s winter feast was a perfect example of their marketing skills. In order to drum up business during the quiet winter months, why not create a special winter menu with price to match and open their doors to new customers?

It was the chance to check out the three hatted Est. that prompted a group of mid week foodies to this beautiful space. The fact that the offer was only available on a weekday between 6-8pm fit the bill perfectly for a MSG gathering. Feeling rather nervous about throwing a group of people across a table who for the most part have never met before, I swallowed my mini melt down and just hoped for the best. It didn’t take long before someone in the group quoted A table for two and Grab Your Fork as their food blog/bible. I couldn’t help, but pointed out that one of their idol was sitting at the end of the table, and was amused to see a case of a star struck fan throughout the rest of the evening.


I have to apologise for the quality of the photos, low lighting and no flash create some rather tragic 80 style food photos, but not having any images would stretch my power of descriptive with even more tragic result.

As R2 pointed out during the evening, the capelli, white scallops, fennel, snap peas and chives entrée was replaced by linguine, chorizo, broccoli, red chilli, parsley and lemon. Thankfully it was the only item noticeably absent from the menu. The three mains of

duck leg confit, roast kipfler potatoes, green peas, jamon, savoy cabbage
pan roasted ocean trout fillet, courgettes, spring peas and salsa verde
slow cooked lamb rump, green lentils, tapenade, love bite tomatoes and basil

were lovely, and well cooked the duck in particular sliding off the bone with a gentle wiggle from my knife. Were they outstanding in any way, not particularly, they show that est. is capable of producing a well cooked meal with decent ingredients, with a keen eye on their bottom line.

When it was time for dessert, I well…deserted and decided to order their passion fruit souffle from their normal menu, just to see what it was like. If you do love your souffle and your passion fruit, the two was combined in a perfect creation that was both light and proudly puffy. The winter feast dessert of vanilla cheesecake and tangelo sorbet were both pleasing, but the souffle won my tastebud and reminded me yet again that what they served was not the true .Est experience.

252 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia‎ – (02) 9299 1700‎

Merivale’s Winter Feast finishes at the end of September

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