Sydney a post apocalyptic preview

The weather today according to Google

There are many reasons to love Sydney, like its constant blue sky. On the other hand today’s orange start gave an early preview of a post apocalyptic Sydney. I am waiting for the dust storm to come back later on in the afternoon, hoping to catch a glimpse of a very red sun set across the Quay. I guess this answers that old question “if the world is ending today, what will you do?” Looks like I will be out and about with a camera hoping that an alien race will be able to find my footage somewhere down the line.

Talking about the future, I managed to catch the last of the City Talks last week.

Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone will give a free public talk about sustainable cities and integrated transport on Wednesday 16 September.

He will be joined by Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP. Ms Moore said; “We have much in common in our vision for our respective cities. Sustainable Sydney 2030 calls for better public transport, less cars, more walking and cycling.”

“A green, global and connected Sydney needs an integrated public transport system. Major public transport is at capacity and it is difficult to move efficiently around the city. Congestion inhibits economic development and private vehicle use is a major source of green house emissions,” Ms Moore said.

Also speaking at the City Talk will be The Hon Anthony Albanese MP, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, Leader of the House, Federal Member for Grayndler.

The speakers will participate in a panel discussion chaired by ABC broadcaster Simon Marnie. They will be joined by Garry Glazebrook, Senior Lecturer, School of the Built Environment, University of Technology, Sydney, and Robert Whitehead, Director, Marketing & Newspaper Sales, The Sydney Morning Herald.

Sydney City Talk

Aside from the fact that the talk was free, I was curious to hear what the panel would say about Sydney’s transport infrastructure. If there is one cause that all Sydney siders are united under, it’s our useless public transportation. Trains, buses, light rails and ferries are run separately with their own separate ticketing systems. Unless you live within the inner city suburbs, you will need a car. Riding a bike is just not an option for long distances unless you enjoy near death experiences on a daily basis.

It was actually quite depressing to hear Ken Livingstone speak. In less than a decade London managed to transform its transportation system into an efficient system that does exactly what a growing, vibrant city require. Listening to our Lord Mayor it became clear that any real changes to Sydney’s transportation system will only happen in the long term, and only after years of negotiations between the various bodies governing the entire transportation systems. I didn’t realise that as Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone was given almost total power to do as he saw fit to change the transportation system, hence cutting the years of red tape to almost nothing.

When the suggestion of congestion charge was mentioned, it was rather laughable as  this article rightly pointeded out in order to even think of congestion charge, this city will need a working transportation system to begin with.

I walked out feeling inspired, jaded and hopeful at the same time. Thankful that at least attempts were being made to start working on a single plan, but not trusting the fact that everything will happen within my lifetime. Food for thought, and on that note I am off to enjoy what Sydney has plenty to offer, food and plenty of it at one of Merivale’s Winter Feast.

Stay tune for more food news, in the meantime you might want to check Billy’s review on Teppanyaki’s Winter Feast.

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