Sydney International Food Festival is just around the corner

Guylian Cafe

Thanks to the goodfood guide’s twitter it came to my attention that the Sydney International Food Festival’s program for October is now officially out with lots of exciting things to look forward to. Among all the excitement, some friends are holding an exhibition as part of the festival on the 18th of October.

Like Mum Used To Make is a celebration of our parents’ recipes – from snacks to hearty stodge, they are an unlikely window into the diversity of Sydney’s culture.

The act of sharing recipes is both a form of oral history and an expression of identity. Our parents’ cooking not only represents fond memories of our childhood, it can have a great influence on our attitudes to food and cooking as adults.

The 18th of October 2009 will see the launch of the zine and an exhibition of illustration and photography by local artists, designers and food enthusiasts. A library of food zines will also be available for anyone to read for free.

They are still looking for submissions for the zine and or the exhibition. If interested please contact them via the website.

On the topic of upcoming events, I have succumbed to the Books Alive 2009 Reading Challenge hosted by bookthingo. I have 17 days left to go through as many books as possible and so far the effort is rather dismal!


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