Back to the knit

Ropes and picot cardiganI actually finished this a while back in July, but didn’t have time to take a photo of it or blog it properly. The Ropes and Picots Cardigan was probably the fastest cardigan I ever knitted, I finished it in just over three weeks. It had enough interesting details such as the ruffled edging and cable details without being overly complex for a knit in front of TV project. It does suit someone with a longer torso who can wear boxy cardigans well, so unfortunately as much I love making it doesn’t quite suit my  body shape.

Ammends I would have made is to cast more stitches for the sleeves. Considering how boxy the body of the cardigan was, the sleeves were disproportionally smaller. I should have also cast a smaller number of stitches for the body and then shape the waist with decreases. I did love the neckline, but overall the shape was just not very flattering on me. Luckily it does suit my slightly taller Mum, so all is not lost. One thing I loved about this was I managed to sew the garment almost perfectly, it looked seamless where the two front pieces are sewn to the back. You won’t notice it in the photo, but then again that’s the point!

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