Nuts and ball and how I was defeated by a dessert

Nuts and BallThere are very few times in life when armed with a spoon or fork or both that I fail to tackle a vulnerable looking dessert, but when confronted with this baseball size dessert appropriately named Nuts and Ball created as a homage to a snicker bar I had to admit defeat. 

It was a Tuesday evening and we should be rushing to the Wharf Theatre or risk missing the first part of the Wonderful World of Dissocia instead of  remaining at Arras restaurant for a wee bit longer. Unfortunately, or fortunately like deers transfixed by the sight of car headlights, just as we were about to desert our desserts our waitress presented us with a tray of petit four. Not just a selection mind you, but a whole damn tray to choose from. 

Arras petit four and then some more

The petit four tray

In hindsight that insane selection of petit four was the highlight of our meal. Y suggested Arras as a potentially interesting restaurant to visit due to word of mouth mixed review, the fact that it was within walking distance of the Wharf theatre was a point in its favour. Tucked away discreetly on Hickson road,  it would have been quite easy for most passerby to walk past Arras without glancing into its darkened interior. In a lot of ways missing out on this restaurant would have been a shame, as the venue itself was quite impressive with its exposed brick interior providing a clue of its heritage status. 

Ox cheek

Special of the day Ox cheek

The food itself was a mix of traditional English with contemporary European (whatever that means) plated beautifully, solid but did not provoke surprise. The surprise and delight came from left field. The range of dinner rolls on offer (5 at least), the playful dessert and as mentioned beforehand the petit four selection. It seemed that Arras’s pastry chef was on fine form and did not stint on just providing a few selection when the diner could be given a dozen choices.  This more than anything else would tempt me to go back and finish my dessert next time around. I mean, it’s all part of the research process isn’t it? 

Ginger souffle at Arras

Ginger souffle


Barramundi with a homage to curry...whatever that means


24 Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay, Sydney
 (02) 9252 6285
 Lunch Tue-Sat noon-2.30pm; dinner Tue-Sat 6-10pm.

2 thoughts on “Nuts and ball and how I was defeated by a dessert

  1. I too cannot believe that I walked away from that many petit fours, and THAT chocolate dessert! Also, in hindsight, we could have stayed that extra ten minutes to finish it 😉

    1. Maybe next time, when we are in the neighbourhood for another play and reverse the order so dessert comes first, or is that wistful thinking on my part?

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