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Frock Camisole

I have been a little slack when it comes to posting about my knitting project. A few are on the go, most undergoing some kind of frogging so I ended up having less to show than the beginning! I did managed to finish this Frock Camisole last winter, but with it being winter there was very little motivation to wear it out. It was actually a very quick knit, took me about 6 weeks done very very slowly, but I am quite happy with the overall result. The Rowan RYC Silk Cotton I used was a little stiffer than expected, it did give the garment a more structured feel, but I am hoping it will be softer after a few washes.

On other news, my little zine Craft and Pointy was reviewed by the craft cartel’s podcast. Rather thrilled and feeling a little guilty for not pushing it as hard as I should. There are copies on sale at etsy, but I haven’t pushed it that hard as I need to print a new batch as my original run was only meant for TINA last year. I am working on issue 3 now, hopefully it will be ready for the MCA zine fair on the 25th of May. Send me an email if you are interested in contributing/ would like a copy / yell at me for making only an issue each year.

6 thoughts on “Back to crafting

  1. That’s so gorgeous. You should wear it! Maybe on top of something else, seeing as it’s getting colder.

    Looking forward to the next issue of S+P. I was even thinking (inspired by you) of making a one-off baking related one.

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