The Thames

Lady bug

Thames= pronounced tmz, though why on earth this is so escapes me.

The Thames Festival was on during the weekend and I managed to pop in for part of it, not quite expecting how huge the festival was. We walked across from The London Eye to the Tate and barely scratched the surface of everything that happened during the festival. From swing dancers, tango dancers, Tae Kwon Do and everything in between (even knitting!).

Tango steps

My housemates retired early due to the cold, just as we were supposed to make our way to watch the parade. Somehow, after we split up I followed my nose and ended up in the longest queue of the day, quietly freezing while waiting for some Brazilian churros for a good 45 minutes. They were very good, and it wasn’t just the cold talking. The dough was made on the spot, and fried lovingly (albeitl slowly) before being filled with caramel. The end result was rather suggestive and I saw a few older ladies giggled when they chomped theirs.

For those who are interested Gaucho has a stall in the Greenwich market if you are keen to try some. They do keep quite well and are surprisingly good to take away, just heat them in the oven (180 degree) and enjoy the combination of crunchy dough and gooey caramel.

Brasilian Churros, filled with caramel

I stayed until the end of the parade, finding myself on Black Friar bridge in a prime spot for the parade. Sometimes being short has its advantage, people tend to feel sorry for the lone, short photographer jumping around rather ungracefully with a camera. My camera’s battery was dying at that stage and my hands were shaking from the cold. Despite the warmth of the day, I forgot that autumn was well on its way.

11 thoughts on “The Thames

  1. I went with my son, but we got split up in the crowds of cyclists on the road. It was a good day, though. It was the furthest I’ve cycled–four round trips of 10km each–in nearly 30 years.

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