Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie

During the writer’s festival last weekend I bought a ticket to listen to Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie speak about Lost Girls, their erotic comic collaboration that have spanned 16 years.

I didn’t know what to expect and had this image of Alan Moore as a rather explosive, reclusive character so was a little thrown back when he was so congenial throughout the two hour session.

The session revolved around the two of them working together as well as censorship. I think they were somewhat surprised that the work was not banned in several countries, a factor they both attributed to the fact that they have marketed it as a work of pornography in the first place. Moore mentioned Blankets as an example of a work that was banned in the states (he also said it was too sweet for his taste), something I wasn’t aware especially since it was so harmless.

Mr Tang I was in too much awe to get a photo with him, Tang style but he was rather lovely in person and I do have a signed copy of Lost Girls now.

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