Ravelry’s golden ticket

Ravelry is the next hot thing for knitters, in the same way that Burdastyle brought sewing to the 2.0 era. I waited for two weeks for my invitation and it was definitely worth the wait. Since ravelry is the Holy Grail of all knitting sites, something like google knit on crack, but this entire sentence already sounds too much like a Monty Python skit gone wrong so I’ll stop now.

I’ll post some screen caps once I fiddle around with the site, but it brings together a lot of the functions that avid knitters would like on a knitting site.

Yarn review – check
Pattern review – check
Photos of other people’s WIPs (work in progress) – check
A queu for future projects – check and double check

I tried to decribe it to my sister and she blinked and said “so it’s a site for people to get all their stuff organised, is that it?”

Well… yes to a point, but organisation done on a global level and it still astounds me how many people are waiting for their invite for what would be considered a niche interest.

In any case, it’s pretty inspiring and is another incentive to dig out my stash of yarn and see what I can turn them into in the next few weeks.

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