Holiday, what holiday?

House sitting my parents place means I don’t have access to a lot of my files and my photos. Finding it difficult not to fidget thinking about wanting do stuff. A laptop would have been handy, but I need to save money for other things.

Kori desexed

In the meantime, nursing a dog with an itchy hot spot on his back is not a lot of fun. Apparently it’s very common for dogs to get this symptom around summer.It’s not a flea bite, but more of a skin irritation due to the heat. He can’t help but try to reach that itch with his tongue, teeth or paw. Unhappy looking rash appears combined with slight bleeding results in a very unhappy dog.

Dragged him to the vet yesterday, and after an injection, some lotion he loves the taste of (but licks off the moment my back is turned) I’ve cornered him and stuck an Elizabeth collar on him.

In the meantime I’m working on Interweave’s tilted duster while catching up on my stash of DVDs.

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