Never been absolutely mental about soccer, but can’t help but be a wee bit carried away with the Socceroos managing to get so far. Wandered off to watch tonight’s match at the Crowie with M and her coworkers and bloody glad I did since sharing that oh-so-shattered-feeling is best done with a roomful of very sober people on the wrong side of a Tuesday morning.

Lost over a freaking drama div(o) for goodness sake, though it didn’t help that eventhough Australia played solid defense, the offense was inoffensive.

There were a few Italian supporters in the crowd, still not too sure if they were stupid, brave, patriotic or all of the above. I noticed they were suddenly quiet when realising Australia lost before shaking themselves as if to say “I’m supporting Italia today”.

Never seen so many people vacate a pub so quickly either, once the disappointment wore off slightly all I wanted to do was go home and continue my sleep.

4 thoughts on “Booo!

  1. If I watch sport at all, I don’t really care who wins or loses, so long as a good game is had. And tonight, well… you know.

    I can’t get my head around the Italian team being happy with that result. It was a victory only in the weakest sense of the idea. A free kick in extra time after 90 minutes of doing fuck all? That’s like… that’s a mathematical victory; that’s all.

    A match between energetic highschool students with nothing riding on the outcome would have been more fun to watch.

    (And what’s with the thumb-sucking?)

      1. Indeedy, well the guy who faked that dive had a smirk on his face the moment he realised they received a penatly shot.

        Didn’t realise you’re following the foootball in Japan too?

      2. Yeah, I sort of am. It’s on the telly all the time, plus, anytime I meet a local and say I’m from Australia, they’ll want to talk with me about it, so, it’s handy to be aware of.

        I have little interest in sport, but if I happen to find myself watching a match, I can quite enjoy it, unless it’s cricket of course — but, I mean, obviously.

        I guess it helps if you know about the game, which must be why I can watch good DDR players and Super Mario Bros. speed runs so enthusiastically.

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