Why karma is out to get me

On Sunday while running around in the city, went to Kino to pick up a copy of Scott McCloud’s book to get some ideas for Mr Tang’s comic. Asked the clerk who said that they were out, and are hugely popular because a course somewhere recommended it as part of their reading list. So, I can only order it and wait for two weeks.

I must have looked really shocked/stricken or what not since after I mumbled, oh I’ll go look in the library then when after a heart beat he said “well…we do have one on stock”.

“How badly do you need it?”

I said something along the line that I don’t want to take anyone else’s order, but it turned out that it was his own copy that he’s put aside.

Before I could say anything he reached back and gave it to me saying that he can always wait. He ordered it a few times as well and someone needed it more than he did, so I can have it.

All I could think of was, oh god I must have looked really desperate when I said I needed it and how the hell am I supposed to say no to a good Samaritan.

So I took the book, and scurried off to the cashier thinking that the bigger force out there will be out there to get me, as a dozen students look desperately for a copy of a book that I have in my hands.

Sure enough, my blue mini ipod died today, it might not be related. It has a good 2 year run of constant use, but I rather be it than me.

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