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40 degrees of separation

Until next time

First real post of the year, although parts of me felt as if it was still left behind in 2008. I left on a scorching Sydney day with temperature of 37 degrees to arrive on a ridicolous winter’s day of minus 3 degrees. In the back of my head I am getting flashback of arriving in New York and being literally frozen on my feet as I waited for taxi, realising that being snowed on was not as romantic as the movies made it out to be. The reality was bone chilling cold, chattering teeth and numb exteremities.

I was a little sad that the ten days or so back home was nowhere near enough to eat to my heart content nor catch up with everyone I promised to catch up with. I did however, managed to catch up with y and tasted these scrumptious macarons at y and b’s place. Photo taken with b’s borrowed camera, rather rushed and did not do it justice.

Macaron filled with ice cream