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Delirious I wander down the streets of London

London Night Shoot

For reasons I haven’t quite figured out considering how cold it was and the point of hysterical delirium I managed to reach due to lack of sleep I joined the London Flickr Meetup group for one of their all night shoot.

London Night Shoot

A summer shoot should be fun I thought, but a London summer night is akin to a spring night in Antartica. It made me realise that between the hours of dusk and dawn London is a very grey city, zombie like and not all that pretty. In the hours when the rosy sky starts to brighten, it can be rather gorgeous all of a sudden.

London Night Shoot

London Pride 2008 (and seeing Ian McKellen)

London Pride 2008

London Pride 2008

When my housemate said, do you want to go to Pride this Saturday I had no idea what he was talking about London Pride. Turned out, he was talking about , the London version of the Sydney Mardigras, similar but not the same.

Pride starts in the morning here, and it felt a little strange to have the sun still up once the floats have disappeared, though it did result in a less than nightmarish trek home.

Pride London is more grass root than the Sydney version I realise, as one of the first group to march were members of the civil services such as police, firemen, army, navy and the like. It was essentially a march, rather than a parade of floats and dancers, surprisingly there was very little nudity overall. Perhaps it is the time of day, but overall it was less rowdy than I would expect.

What I didn’t expect was seeing Ian McKellen almost discretely marching along a group of Heinz protestors. Background story behind it was after making an ad featuring a gay couple, Heinz bowed to public pressure and pulled the ad.

London Pride 2008

Living in London (at last!)

Day in London

I finally have a permanent address in London and I’m incredibly relieved not to have to move my backpack every week or so. Very thrilled to live in Swiss Cottage, with a cinema next door, plenty of Japanese residents and a grocery store a few minutes away, it felt as if I am living in a bigger version of Cremorne.

A few things I do love about it are:

  • There’s a large library closeby
  • Said library is connected to a great gym
  • A huge Sainsbury is 6 minutes away (similar to Coles/Woolworths)
  • I’m on the Jubilee line
  • The kitchen has lots of storage space
  • There are windows everywhere
  • My housemates are sane