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Meatless Monday #7 – Indian lemon rice

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So it looks like Sydney can be covered in a white blanket. Not snow mind you, but hail as seen from various news site. If you’re trying to make a Planet of the Apes spoof, better run to Bondi while you can. If the skate board park photos are anything to go by, it’s a perfect set up for the scene at the end of the movie.

In times of howling wind, I retreat to comfort food. In my case my addiction to rice in all its variety. Of late, I’ve been addicted to lemon rice. This savoury south Indian dish from Tamil Naidu goes well with any curry dish and can be eaten as a main dish. The yellow colour from the turmeric reminds me of the Indonesian Nasi Kuning, but they taste completely different. Maybe I’ll share that dish another time… Read More…