About mirvettium


This blog was created for me to post my portfolio of photos, designs and other related projects I had  worked/working on right now. It somehow evolved into a pseudo personal/photo blog about things I find interesting such as music, craft, vegetarian food and a bit of balcony garndening. Considering a good blog should be consistent in its content, I am happily ignoring this very good rule and hope that you will indulge my rather scatter brain approach.

As for me, I am a Sydney sider in the real world I work as a Marketer and should therefore add a disclaimer like a good MarComms person should. This blog is my personal blog and does not reflect the opinion of my employees, whoever they may be at the time.

Music I’m listening to.

Books I’m reading.

Magazines I subscribe to:

  • Wired – the most beautiful magazine design and infographic heavy before infographics becomes cool
  • Interweave Knits
  • Bust – what women really think

Places I have visited and eaten at

One thought on “About mirvettium

  1. hi, I bought your zines today at MCA zine fair and have been reading them tonight. thanks for writing them. I’m a knitter too so it was good to find a knitting/craft zine there. I thought there’d be more but yours were the only ones I saw. it was so crowded their I could have missed some though. the links in the zines are great. I like some of the mathematical knitting / urban knitting styles & projects. have some links on my blog too : http://www.aliak.com/knitting
    anyway, keep up the good work!
    (I just followed your twitter too)

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