Catching up at The Bridge Room

Bridge Room 3

Sometimes (actually a lot!) in life, one can have too many photos sitting site unseen and not enough time to catch up with friends. Through Lemonpi’s sheer persistence, a group of us manager to find our way at The Bridge Room. After multiple attempts of trying to find a date, the heavenly calendar finally opened and the five of us were ready to devour our first meal together. On first impression, The Bridge Room is a lovely furnished haven of calm. The furniture and decor were elegantly casual in an understated Nordic way.

The menu is an interesting blend of South East Asia meets West, especially when it comes to the dessert.

Bridge Room 1

We started with an entree, the dish below being the Salad of organic heirloom carrots ash grilled, baked in salt and raw, sheep’s milk curd.

Bridge Room 6

I hade the Split Queensland tiger prawns grilled over charcoal mandarin peel butter, soft green herbs. Perhaps the subtlety of the dish escaped me, but it tasted like grilled prawn nothing too special.

Bridge Room 13

Comte custard, young beetroot, pomegranate molasses crumb, hazelnuts,  cress. A creamy cheesy concoction that I will try next time.

Bridge Room 4

Bridge Room 18

Scallops, buttered corn, osmanthus flower,biltong, burnt butter, thyme leaves

Bridge Room 5

Coffs Harbour bar cod, nonya spices, coconut, liquorice basil, puffed rice. Think South East Asian flavours of coconut and sambal, but updated.

Bridge Room 23

Chicken, white cut, with its broth, ginger, coriander, sprouts and organic brown rice

Bridge Room 20

David Blackmore’s wagyu rump cap, mushrooms, spinach, slow cooked veal tongue, dutch cream potato

Bridge Room 17

Chocolate cannelon, Campos caramel, aerated chocolate bar, red fruits

Bridge Room 25

Strawberry marshmallow meringue, strawberry ripple, strawberry paper, yoghurt.  The strawberry ripple reminded us of a strawberry roll up from yesteryear. Smells a lot like it too!

Bridge Room 27

Mango, passion fruit, young coconut ice, candied palm seed, lime leaves, sugar bananas

Bridge Room 26

Burnt caramel cream, candied beurre bosc pears, Pistachio crumb, mint salad, purple basil. This gorgeous dessert was a nice surprise, there were layers of flavour underneath the caramel, the pears gave a refreshing punch, balanced by the mint and basil. Reminded me of a sweet Thai salad, wed to a brûlée

Bridge Room 31


T.  02 9247 7000
F.  02 9247 7007

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