New start and dancing with dinosaurs

My Havainas died the other day after 8 years of wandering around the globe and back twice over. Coincidentally around the same time, I gave my notice and I’m waiting for my new role to start in early May.

End of the road

It’s the end of one chapter, and the start of a new chapter.

Not sure if anyone else feels like a ghost once they have given notice. Once the usual tying up of lose end is done, there is very little to do and no point in being involved in new projects. This should be nice and cruisy, but to be honest not doing anything is driving me insane.

Thankfully there is over a year’s worth of blogging to update. My goal is to try and blog everyday until the end of the month, and see if I can get back into the swing of things again.  

Sydney has been ridiculously alive this year, and I just can’t keep up!  Take Jurassic Lounge for example, I went and had a look a couple of months ago and this great late night summer initiative is now in its last 2 weeks.

Jurassic Lounge

Jurassic What?

Every Tuesday night this summer, the Australian Museum opens its doors for after-hour sessions featuring art, live music, drinks + new ideas.

Discover Sydney’s hottest new artists, performers + DJs. Drink in hand, have a wander + check out amazing live acts + exhibitions against a spectacular backdrop of dinosaur skeletons, precious gemstones + native animals. It’s the Australian Museum as you’ve never seen it!

Jurassic Lounge
Put simply it’s the Australian Museum’s way to attract that in between after 5 crowd to visit the museum. Each week the Australian Museum has a different theme based loosely around a speaker, with live music, and art to match.

For me,  it was a rather surreal experience wandering around a very dim museum surrounded by hipsters on a Tuesday evening with a glass of wine in hand,  but it’ssoo  nice to:

  • a) not be surrounded by screaming kids in SUV sized prams
  • b) be able to have a glass of wine in hand.

Some of their concepts don’t quite wok, for example  the silent disco felt less like a disco and more like a bunch of people staring at each other while wearing giant head phones.  Overall, definitely commendable for trying something new and I wish the other museums will follow suit! More late nights Sydney museums and art galleries, I want you all to compete for my after five alcoholic dollars!

Catch Jurassic Lounge before they go in the way of the dinosaurs

Every Tuesday from 5:30pm TO 9:30pm
over 18 event
$15 at the door or book on-line

Australia Museum
6 College Street
Tel: 02 9320 6000

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