Happening and catching up

Jack Fruit love

Life has a funny way of burying my days with completely unremarkable days. Work managed to steal most of my walking moments, but once in a while the occasional surprise managed to find its way among the monotony. Like the piece of jack fruit that some very nice neighbours donated after we knocked on their door and asked about their fruitful jack fruit tree (no it’s not weird at all).

Angus & Julia Stone at the MetroAs usual I am terribly behind with posts and blogs, with exhaustion taking its toll. I nearly forgot about the Angus and Julia Stone gig a few (weeks!) ago during Earth Hour. I honestly didn’t think that they would try turning off the light in an already dim venue, but they did! Also for good measure they either accidentally switched the air con off or it just wasn’t working.

Angus & Julia Stone at the Metro

It was an amazingly beautiful show though. The set looked like someone’s living room, with Angus and Julia Stone being bathe in gorgeous blue light throughout most of the gig. I didn’t expect them to be soo playful, and was pleasantly surprised when Julia played”You’re  The One That I want” solo.

Angus & Julia Stone at the Metro

Crowd favourite such as “Mango Tree” drew the biggest reaction, but right now all I want to do is play The Beast on a continuous loop.

2 thoughts on “Happening and catching up

  1. We had jackfuit last week in Penang, but alas it was not really ripe. It is a bit early for the fruits. Still we have tried at least 5 differetn types of durien, of which 2 were worth the effort, the one with red in it’s name and the one called 62 or some other number in the 60’s.

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