Midweek Supper Group (MSG) – #4 Faheem Fast Food in Stanmore

Faheem Fast Food

You know when the food is good when I had to fend hands from dragging a plate of chicken away before I can take a shot. It was another Midweek Supper Group (MSG) meetup and we were in Faheem Fast Food in Stanmore on a Wednesday evening. Their sign outside of this humble looking establishment declared that they have the “Best Tandoori Chicken in Sydney” and this was proven to be true as we ate our way throughout the evening.

T. volunteered to organise this MSG to my delight. When I started MSG, I was never quite sure how it will evolve or whether I will have the stamina to continue finding and organising people to turn up to random places. Like most great things, it had managed to built a momentum of its own and although this was the first time that someone else organised the event, to my delight this would not be the last.

Faheem Fast Food

Now back to Faheem, this place specialises in dishes cooked in their tandoor. A tandoor being “a cylindrical clay oven used in cooking and baking. The tandoor is used for cooking in India, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Transcaucasus, the Balkans, the Middle East, Central Asia as well as Burma and Bangladesh.” Cooking in one gives the dish a lovely thorough smoky flavour that is difficult to repeat with other methods. T. ordered some chicken tandori and tandori fish tikka along with some nans. Both plated literally disappeared the moment they hit our table of ten. I was rather surprised at how moist the fish was considering the cooking method, expecting it to be somewhat dry as a result.

Faheem Fast Food

Along with the meat dishes we ordered the aloo palak (a spinach and potato curry) as well as some dal palak (lentil and spinach curry). The presentation was simple, but the food was honest and there was a palpable silence throughout the meal. Somewhat unusual considering how noisy a group of appreciative foodies usually are.

Faheem Fast Food

Some of us grabbed some mango lassi for a quasi dessert drink, whilst others who still have space ordered a kulfi or the gulab jamun from a fridge at the back. We left satisfied, thanking T. for organising a perfect hump day meal and mildly bemused that for $15 per person we managed to eat a feast of a meal.

Faheem Fast Food

Faheem Fast Food
194-196 Enmore Road, Enmore, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9550 4850 or +61 (02) 9550 4803

Opening hours
7 days 11am – midnight dine-in and takeaway

3 thoughts on “Midweek Supper Group (MSG) – #4 Faheem Fast Food in Stanmore

  1. Hi Mirgaphy !

    We’ve been following your food blog for a while now and have been inspired to start one of our own!
    Here is the link to our blog http://nomnomnibblies.blogspot.com/
    Please pop by when you have time!

    Love, L & J xx
    P.S : We are yet to find a really Chicken Tandoori in Sydney – looks like we’ll have to try Faheem one day!

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