We’ll be right back once the hours are aligned

We'll be right back after this jetlagSo many photos to to upload and process, I can hardly believe that everything that happened, did took place. A little dazed about being back, nothing has changed aside from the addition of the new SmartGate at Sydney Airport. It was the first time that I used the gate, and as you needed the new chipped passport (and be over 18) to use it I was one of the very few from my flight who can use it.

It was mildly amusing to have one of the Customs officer dragged me from the customs line once he spotted my passport, and asked if I was over 18 before gleefully ushering me to the nearest gate and watched excitedly as I scanned my passport. I’m guessing the gates are still a novelty even for them…

4 thoughts on “We’ll be right back once the hours are aligned

    1. If you have the new fangled passport you’ll have the pleasure to walk through them when you return. Rather cool actually and a lot faster than waiting in line.

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