World Wide Knit In Public Day 2009 with moustaches

Knitting at Trafalgar Square

In just under a 24 hours I was back in London.

(Aching, grumpy and so jet lagged, the concept of time had magically transformed into a beautiful abstract work of science fiction in my head, but at least I was in one piece, more or less).

It feels a little surreal to be back when the sun is out and the day stretches lazily from dawn to dusk. I am not sure how long I will be here. Things didn’t eventuate the way I thought it would, so I am on currently on standby to leave the country in a couple of  weeks unless something else happens otherwise

Spot the moustache...On the flip side I intend to make the most of this summer, starting with running off to join the London Stitch N Bitch crew on that most sacred of days for knitters –  World Wide Knit In Public Day. The sun was in full force, when I finally headed out to join the group at Tate Modern. For some reason I thought that the meeting point was outside, it was only after about a half hour of wondering  whether it was possible to miss a group of knitters wearing moustaches that I figured out I must be in the wrong location and entered the Tate.

Why the knitted moustaches, you might ask? It was part of the fund raising effort by the lovely ladies at Stitch N Bitch London. This year all proceed will go to Prostrate UK Charity.  We wandered from the Tate to Trafalgar Square, moustaches firmly in place despite the heat and the puzzled look from some onlookers before ending in a pub closeby where I met a travelling knitted Hedgehog with his own knitted post box on his way to Cornwall.

The Travelling Hedgehog and Friend

I was absolutely knackered by this point and can barely think straight let alone knit a number of stitches without dropping the whole lot. Not quite sure how the organisors managed to stay on without being carried home, though I am more than a little grateful their stamina was a lot stronger than mine.

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