A pulse, a veritable internet pulse

Okkervil River at The AnnandaleThis post is brought to you by Saturday, howling wind that woke me up at an insane hour, a working internet connection and Okkervil River. A friend had a spare ticket to their show at the Annandale (thanks B) and although I haven’t heard of them before thought they sound rather jolly from the bits of audio I managed to catch. It was an absolutely packed night, with the body heat generated by the excited crowd brought the heat up by a good ten degrees. Their folksy, foot tapping tunes kept the heated crowd happy and I walked away with Lost Coastlines in my head without knowing the name of the song at the time.

Okkervil River at The Annandale

Oh some photos to prove I was there, but I was just too far to catch them properly. Would really be interested to see them at scala later on in the year (meaningful look at fanceyj). Knitting wise I am nearly done with the Ropes and Picot cardigan, at 3 weeks this ended up being a faster knit than I expected. It is a fairly easy pattern, but there is enough detail to make it interesting. If anything, I am loving the picot edging as it’s not something I have tried before.

Ropes and Picot Cardigan WIPThe pattern itself was well written and I didn’t receive a horrible “oh my, that’s a surprise I could do without” moment with this one, which is rather rare. I didn’t expect to love the Jo Sharp Silkroad tweed this much, it is softer than it looks but is also hefty enough for the garment to keep its shape. Love the Rowan 4ply tweed, it still irritates me that aside from one other manufacturer no one else makes tweed in 4ply!

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