Baby Nikon (D90)

New Nikon baby

I swear time froze today. There were moments when I looked around and I could have sworn that I was stuck in an office that time forgot. In any case I finally gave in to temptation and decided to reward myself with a new camera.

The choice was between a D300 and a D90, but after considering factors like cost, the very cool video function and B and M advising me to get latter I decided to go with the D90.

At first glance it felt a lot like my D70, but after taking a  few shots the colours were much richer and it wa noticeably less noisy. Then again the D70 was noisy over any ISO higher than 400, so my expectation was pretty low in this regard. I still need to test it with flash to see how it compares with the old camera. One thing that was really frustrating with the D70 was that it could not cope with two different light source and will always overcompensate the flash.

As for the video function, it was actually a lot of fun. Simply taking very mundane shots was really effective when using my 50mm lens and because the colours were so rich it was instant eye candy.


With the birth/delivery  (?) of this new Nikon baby in my hand, it reminded me of the other October kiddies who are currently scattered across various continents. Strange to think that a mere 12 months ago we were all in the same city. For me, reading Mr. Tang’s explanation on his reasons for leaving Sydney struck a chord. I was tired of living the zombie like existence day revolved around work and it was just time to break free.

3 thoughts on “Baby Nikon (D90)

  1. Congratulations on the new baby! Did you get the kit lens or just the camera? I got mine with the 18-200VR. Just got back from Korea, Japan and China where I gave it a good working out. Will send you some pics when I sort them all out.

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