So many to see, so little to shoot

Morris Dancer in front of Westminster Abbey

“The circle line will not be in service on account of a person under a train at Monument”

I couldn’t quite believe my ears, but judging from everyone else’s reaction this happens often enough for it to be a non-event.

I can’t quite shake the feeling that London reminds me a lot of Sydney, I know it’s meant to be the other way around, but there are enough similarities between the two to make a Sydney sider feel almost at home.

1. Australian soapies – check
2. Australian accents – check
3. The same three chain of McDonald, Starbuck and Burger King on every corner? check, check, check
4. Similar chains of stores e.g. Monsoon, Borders, heck Muji and Uniqlo are also around, making it feel as if a part of Japan ended up travelling with me to London.

After a while, it’s becoming increasingly easy to accept that I’m walking on a street which is hundreds of years old, with a half dozen famous dead people who used to work/live in the area. I’m finding it difficult to want to take photos and every shot ended up being a tourist snap shot of “I’m in London now”. Perhaps I’m spoiled by bein used to the harsh Australian light, that makes shots like this almost an everyday thing.

Sydney Sky

Everything here is much softer, almost muted compared to the sky and light back home, maybe it’ll just take time.

4 thoughts on “So many to see, so little to shoot

  1. LOVE those photos, especially the top one. What have you been eating, by the way? Not McDonalds, Starbucks and BurgerKing, I hope 😉 Did ou end up going to that patisserie in Tokyo also?


    1. I ended up going to McDonalds a few times because of their free wifi (fiendish, but it works!)

      I went to one of the patisserie in Tokyo, but ran out of time :(. Will need to plan it better next time.

    1. I don’t know to tell the truth, might be the combination of weather and having so many people. Politeness and stiff upper lip seem to conquer all.

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