Limbo is an interesting place to be, particularly when it comes to waiting for:

1. job news
2. moving in news

No news on both front I’m afraid and it’s not one of those times when no news is good news either. I’m sitting in my room at the Falcon Hotel in Stratford-Upon-Avon, overlooking Nash’s Place and the empty garden where Shakespeare owned his last house.
Shakespeare's Birth Place

I’m enjoying the solitude of not having to share a room with 5 other souls and the bathroom with a dozen other people, but finding the novelty of being in front of a tourist attraction rather amusing. Take the room I’m in for example, the hotel has just been upgraded but retained its timbered ceiling and wall, moreover everything is in a rather odd slant. The floor curves towards the door and it looks like my wardrobe is held by anti-gravity matter as it leans in a rather awkward way towards the bed. Throughout the night I can hear what sounds like someone sighing in their sleep in the next room, though this might be an over active imagination fed by reading Practchett and not being accustomed to be alone for long stretches of time.

Falcon Hotel

As for Stratford itself, it’s a pretty little town and compared to three years ago when I first visited, they have upgraded a lot of the local attractions. Shakespeare’s Birth Place three years ago for example was half finished, with the second floor being bare of furniture. I wasn’t sure if the tour bus was even in operation three years ago, or maybe I was not as inspired to see as many things on account of the crap winter weather.

Nash Place New Place

What is assuming is the air of Shakespeareland that surrounded the entire town. The locals would be horrified if I call it that, but it definitely felt like being in a genteel theme park, with locals dressed as characters and an ice cream man in the middle of the town square.

Tiles against a blue sky

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