London Summer

The uncanny good weather is making it very difficult to dislike London. The first time I turned up on this side of the world was in December, it rained every day, windy and the chill in the air seemed to enter my bone everytime I stepped out.

London in summer, is quite simply glorious. My favourite past time is wandering around Regent Park and just soaking up the sun with a good book. There’s an orderly prettiness about the parks here, the grass are softer, the flowers plentiful and even the ducks are fat and content.

In between I found a place and am still looking for a job. The latter is starting to freak me out in weird and wonderful ways. The market is so much bigger than Sydney, but so is the competition. Saying that, there is just soo many things to do in London and if you have a hobby/interest chances are more people are into them too. There’s also something incredibly inspiring being surrounded by so much art, history and activity. The feeling that this city is breathing and thinking is difficult to get rid of.

Regent Park Rose Garden

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