On being fed

Food during conservation again

I was told that it looked like we did very little working and plenty on eating, it probably was true to an extent. We were fed to the bursting point, but it’s difficult to say no to home grownshitake mushroom of a size that you wouldn’t believe. The photo is actually my hand holding three mushrooms, now I know my hand is the same size as an eleven year old kid, but the mushrooms are huuge.

Mildly grilled oysters from the local oyster farm. The oyster farmer/fisherman was shucking them all night long during our first night BBQ in a little tent outside of the information centre. The wind was howling and we lost power later on in the night.

Local oysters

What I loved about a majority of our meals are the various different seafood I discover at the bottom of my miso soup.

Miso with mussel

There were very few time that the miso was plain, a lot of the time they contained clams, various types of tofu and seafood.

A typical breakfast/or dinner would have miso, rice, pickles, some type of salad and the fish of the season mildly grilled.

Typical meal

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