Kiritappu diaries

Conservation Volunteer 2008 - Kiritappu

The start of the work to extend the existing boardwalk close to the centre to allow for wheel chair access.

Doing the work

WorkingWorking hardmy creation
I have come to the conclusion that I am pathetic with the hammer, many a times one or both camera men came to my rescue when my nails were bent beyond repair or help. Poor Masato san (blue baseball cap) was running around with the crow bar to rescue a number of us with hammering problem, while muttering “atsui ne”, eventhough the weather was a good 10 degrees!

The next photo with the guy in the white and black track suit in the background is heavy on the posing. We took soo long to nail that damn board, but at the same time was so damn happy once it was done.

The finished productThe team

If you do happen to wander down Kiritappu in the near future, and down to the Yachiboozu walk, do take the time and appreciate the time it took under unpredictable weather to construct the walk you are currently on.

One thought on “Kiritappu diaries

  1. Ha! I was wondering when you were going to do any actual work while you were there 😉


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