Kushiro, Hokkaido


Arrived in Kushiro on Monday before making our way to Kiritappu. On one side you have the ocean, on the other winding rivers, and wetland. It doesn’t feel like Japan, or at least not the typical Japan postcard with cherry blossoms and tall high risers. One of the people in the crew likened it to Japan’s version of Tasmania and he’s not that far off the mark.

Some of you might be wondering what the hell I’m doing in this wilderness, other than a complete change, there is a method in my madness. I’m here as part of the Conservation Volunteer program, think eco tourism meet working holiday. I want to see Hokkaido as well as experience something that I can not experience as a lone traveller, wandering around Japan.

So far the trip has achieved both goals in a way I just couldn’t imagine. I’ve met several very passionate people and it made me wonder about why I do what I do, and whether I should do more…

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