Holywood lighting set up

Holywood lighting set up
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Being running around in a circle like a headless chicken, which means I have turned yet again into a bad blogger.

Bad blogger, bad!

Unemployment felt oddly unsettling. As contrary as it might sound, I can probably enjoy this state more if I have a job lined up in the future. On the positive side I have been catching up with plenty of friends and I have enjoyed finding all the little food cranies that Sydney has to offer.

I’ve been meaning to post this, but couldn’t find the disc to save my life. I think I might have mentioned a while back that I enrolled in the ACP’s lighting course that finished a couple of weeks ago.

Though the price nearly demolished my bank account somewhat, it was an incredibly fun and instructive course to do. We were lucky enough to have the incredibly talented, kind and generous Greg Parsons teaching the course. He usually taught the more advanced Still life course, and it was an incredible piece of luck to have him take this course instead.

The photo featured here was taken at our last class, featuring one of my fellow student. Shot using medium format camera, it was a lot of fun just playing around with the pose and the lighting and watch it all come together.

One thing I took away from the entire experience is that good lighting is a matter of trial and error, a good 3/4 part of a shoot will be invested in finding the perfect lighting for the shoot. The Milo shot taken a while back is a perfect example of fiddling around trying to find lighting.

At the end of the course, I realised that my camera was due for an upgrade. Not being able to go down to a lower ISO than 200 as well as having some severe issues when it comes to synching with flash is getting on my nerve. The camera for some odd reason can only operate with either flash/ambient light, but not both, resulting in one or both light flaring at ridicilous times. I would love to upgrade to a D3, but if all goes well at the end of this year this would be my Christmas present for myself.

I’ve started another blog mostly for shots I’m happy with, but will probably move more things there as I go on.

Random plug, go on and check Growing up Asian in Australia, by the highly talented Stikman, Kylie Kwong and other interesting people.

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