Then it’s over

It finally arrived, my last day at work and I never really had an idea on how I would feel at this moment, so what I did felt at the end of the day a mixture of relief, happiness, sadness and awe is not at all what I expected.

Everyone was just sooo nice and are genuinely sad that I was leaving. The question “when are you coming back” pops up more than I could count and last of all are the unexpected presents that arrived this week. I love the crumpler bag that work bought for me, incredibly touched by the presents telemarketing purchased and was more than a little surprised at the two gorgeous bunches of flowers from two of my agencies.

I guess the adage, you get back what you give is a clear illustration. At the same time, leaving felt so right and all the good wishes made my last few steps away from work a lot lighter than I could have imagined.

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