Packing is boring

Packing is also very depressing. All my big furniture is now in storage, and all I have to do is pack up all my books, clothes and craft knick knacks. Can’t believe how much stuff I manage to accumulate in 2 years. I think my downfall is not being able to resist buying the occasional book or dozen.

So rather than packing I find myself procrastinating, looking at typographic clips on youtube. Something that came out of a dinner conversation with pirochan and evilhayama. A lot of these are assignments given to design students along the line of, pick a scene from a movie and recreate it by using only fonts. Some of the ones I rather like are below:

Finding it strange that no one has used 300 as movie yet, can’t you imagine it? Angry pointy spartan fonts dancing along the screen? What I did find was a recreation of 300 using lego.

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