Construct-A-Mate Zine

Construct-A-Mate Zine

Something I’ve been putting off for way too long, but it looks like I might not have the means to print it soon!

Accepting anything and everything in colour or otherwise. Let me know if you are thinking of submitting something since it’ll give me an idea on how much content I’ll have to make up.

Due: 21st of April

Submission Details:

Guidelines for accepting submissions to Construct-a-mate
– must tie in with the spirit of Construct-a-mate zine theme of relationship or lack of in various forms
– can include an array of creative expressions including, but not limited to drawings, photography, poems, fiction and non-fiction short stories, statements, notes, letters or collages.
– If submitting artwork, please provide at 300 dpi
– cannot come from a commercial source.
– All work submitted must be original; please include the following statement with each piece of work submitted: “This confirms that this work is entirely original and my own” followed by your full name.

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