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Y from Lemonpi tagged me ages ago, but it took an entire holiday to formulate answers, so here we go.

1. Chilli
I didn’t consider myself a chilli addict until I went backpacking a few years ago, thinking that my palate is adaptable I can get by without craving any particular food. Somewhere in the third month while travelling in France, I started craving chilli like crazy. Not just any chilli, but the home made sambal that my family always have stored in the freezer by the bottles. Thank goodness for a stop over in Holland to meet up with some long lost relative, or I’m not sure what I would have resort to.

2. Favourite dish
I don’t have a single particular dish, but I do have a soft spot for all Indonesian cuisine. Aside from having it as the cuisine that I grew up with, it took me ages to not take for granted the variety of food derived from a country with 6,000 islands a ridiculous variety of spices, fruit and vegetable and influenced by Indian, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese settlers and merchant alike.

Things I miss, soto, Padang food in general, Satay, Sayur Asem, Tempe (as in a really good one, not the dipped in preservative version crap found here).

3. Strangest food consumed so far
It’s been a fortnight of trying new food, with geoduck pictured and a feast of goat (goat tartare, hot pot, stir fry etc). Geoduck sashimi was interesting, saltier than expected with an abalone like texture. My friend’s mother took one look at live version squashed and looking ever so phallic-like and said, “Well it’s a little pornographic isn’t it?”


4. On the hard stuff
I’m sad to say I’m a rather ambivalent wine drinker. I’m starting to prefer red rather than white and have never quite understand champagne (I can drink it, but not quote enjoy it).

5. Comfort food/drink
Hot chai tea with soymilk or a cup of Earl Grey tea with milk, even though I should really have it with lemon.

6. Food peeve
Eating out with people who doesn’t enjoy eating out in the first place or unwilling to try something new. Allergic reaction, religious reason, and food dislike I can handle. Not trying because they can’t be bothered is something I find difficult to handle. Out of all the things in life that will not kill you, food is high on the list.

7. For dessert
I will usually say yes, regardless of what’s on the menu, unless it’s something with liquorice and I still have no idea what all the fuss is with this particular sweet.

One thought on “Geoduck

  1. Love the new look! And love your list..

    I’m not terribly fussed about champagne either. Have had maybe one or two memorable ones, but other than that, it seems overhyped.

    Tempe.. is that like tempeh, made with soy beans? I’ve had tempeh in Malaysia, a long time ago, on a kids camp. Loved it, but haven’t seen it around since, or even heard any one mention it.


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