Khawa – soft shell crab
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Khawa defined the phrase of being completely tucked away as its location was streets away from Parramatta’s bustling Church Street.

I was expecting it to be yet another Japanese/Korean restaurant with the emphasis being on the former, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it did serve authentic Japanese cuisine. Its owners were an elderly Japanese couple who were more than welcoming to the customers who managed to find their way there.

The menu contained a good mix from soft shell crab, teppanyaki beef and takoyaki, with the special being seafood. My main was the soft shell crab which was cooked nicely, with a side order of salad and sauce containing a dash of horseradish to make things interesting.

Pricewise, it was definitely reasonable and you definitely get value for your money.

The only thing that brought it down was the rather patchy service. Don’t expect to be out of the door within the half hour, but do order a drink and sit bank in anticipation, it will be worth the wait.

Khawa Japanese Restaurant
Shop 18,30-32 Charles Street Parramatta
Ph: 9635 9383

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