Nice Jug

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A certain someone made the above comment when we wandered off to see Sculptures by the Sea two weekends ago (ahem).

I forgot how busy Bondi can be and ended up driving there for some insane reason. Luckily I managed to score parking, but not before I made Y wait around for a while.

I really enjoyed the afternoon wandering around and seeing the sculptures against a ridicilously blue sea. There was something about the contrast of ochre coloured sculptures and the big blue that’s simply, irrevocably Australian.

My favourite pieces were the more offbeat ones, such as the dog sculptures made up of recycled furniture parts. It would have been incredibly awesome to see real dogs standing next to the sculptures, but alas that didn’t quite happen. For some odd reason we managed to miss the giant melting ice cream truck, which would have easily won best scultpure in my book if i actually get to see it, but with the number of people milling around, it was probably not all that surprising.

I’m a little behind with my blogging, I still have Melbourne to cover next time, but might pace myself a little. Been feeling rather run down and not so motivated at work due to various reasons best shared over a pint of beer or a bottle of wine.

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