Knitting and Zen

If there’s one thing that’s been saving my sanity in the past half year, knitting is definitely it. Came home from the fortnightly Stitch N Bitch at Manly Wharf Hotel feeling a little calmer than the oh-my-god-shit-ass day mood that I had when I left work.

There’s something about holding a pair of needles and chatting about it to a group of people that’s very soothing. Keeps my mind too occupied to stress, though I’m not sure the journalist who came to interview us actually got that point. Then again he kept on asking if there are more people in the group (there isn’t, it’s still in the baby stage after all).

In any case my “oh fuck”level has been dampened down to a manageable level of “oh cripes” while discussing yarn and other sheep like matters.

Thought it’s about time I share my knitting wish/lust list.

First of are Clover knitting neeedles and other knitting gidgets. Was actually a budget metal needle user, but I bought a pair of bamboo needles as a whim and now I am rather addicted to them. They are lighter than metal, and the yarn slides smoothly on and off. Spotlight is offloading them right now, apparently it’s too expensive for their customers and Tapestry Craft don’t have the same brand unfortunately.

Start locally, and you can’t miss out on Jo Sharp. I like to think of her as the Australian version of Rowan, though she doesn’t have nearly as many products or designers on board for me to go completely ga ga everytime I see a new book of pattern out. I think I’m addicted to the shades of blue that she produces as well as her DK cotton, it can be an absolute bitch to knit with, but it’s such a lovely soft cotton.

Next is Debbie Bliss. Best known for her children pattern, I love her Baby Cashmerino in terms of colour and softness. It’s the ultimate when it comes to knitting anything gorgeous for toddlers.

As for Rowan, well I just dream about Rowan. No one does Vogue-like knitting as good as Rowan (not even Vogue), it must be all the shots of the gorgeous young things that makes it so. I love, love their range of yarn, anything from their 4ply cotton, to their tweeds and chennile. In terms of colours and textures it’s very hard to find a better range. As for their designers, they have about half a dozen that pops up on a regular basis for each of their bi annual magazine. Have to admit I have a soft spot for Jennie Atkinson, Martin Storey and Kim Hargreaves when it comes to patterns.

I still salivate whenever I go to Tapestry Craft or wonder around purl soho, but with finite time and budget I don’t actually buy as much as I wish I could.

There is a good stash of yarn that hasn’t been used for any current project, but like most good things in life the pleasure is in dreaming about the possibilities of that yarn in the window.

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