Fetching WIP

Fetching WIP
Originally uploaded by mirvettium.

Teaching yc to knit the uber fantastic Leia hat made me pick up my own set of double knitted needles and try and make these pair of Fetching gloves I have been considering for most of winter.

The pattern is gratifyingly easy to make, I guess if I had a nice long weekend like now I could have probably finished it by Monday. Things being the way they are it’s taking close to a week to get this far, but I’m bloomin happy with the result.

It’s knitted using the lovely Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran in duck egg blue and I can’t wait to wear it…

One thought on “Fetching WIP

  1. OOh gorgeous! Love the pattern on them + nice colour too. B’s request for my next knitting project (not that I’ve finished my first one!) is a pair of gloves, but I think he’ll be wanting a plain patterned one.


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