Green & white stocking stitch scarf

Finally completed something knitting wise and it’s long overdue too. Started this last Christmas and it was meant to be for my sister during her winter in Japan. It’s a simple stocking stitch with 14 rows alternating with two then 4 rows. I had to pull it apart halfway the frist time around since I started with just knits, but then the whole thing started to curl inward.

Knitted with an acryclc blend from a yarn I found in the craft store there. Japan has some really crazy yarn, especially when it comes to their man made blend. As for their pattern books, their amigurumi patterns win hands down in terms of sheer cuteness. I bought a few pattern book and should really start making something with them since they don’t take as much time.

If you’re reading this and you’re from Sydney…turn up to the Manly Wharf Hotel next week and join me for a knitting session from 7pm. The last meeting was dismal and as much as I love knitting in public I wouldn’t mind a few people to talk to.

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