Phew and puppy A,B,C

Took Kori to his first puppy school today and I’m damned exhausted. Rosy thoughts of having a roomful of cuddly puppies with him happily playing with them disappeared in a puff of smoke when we realised…he’s a bit of a bully. Actually I lie, he’s a major bully. He’s always been a nipper, but apparently where there’s a difference between puppy playful nipping and a serious bite. Needless to say he’s more of the later than the former. So after being sent off to the corner to make sure he doesn’t go nuts, the evening was more work than I expected.

There were some seriously cute puppies around too, a baby beagle, a black and white colly (sooo cute), a really friendly Rotty, a pug (what more can you say about them), a black labrador and a bichon that stayed behind her owner’s legs throughout the night. Considering her owner is this large woman who doesn’t look too keen on moving around, I’m prediciting a happy and very round future is in store.

Kori is very good with the actual commands, but my god I need to meet some nice older dogs very soon. It didn’t help that he’s a lot bigger than most of them, so he has a superior complex the moment he walked in the room.

Either way, mum and I walked out feeling we’ve learned a few things tonight and can’t wait for the next class, in the meantime, must introduce him to other peeps his own size or bigger!

2 thoughts on “Phew and puppy A,B,C

  1. Can he actually do any neat tricks yet? Like fetching things and playing dead? Gizmo likes to just hold on to the ball and we actually have to wrestle it out of him when we play “fetch” >.>

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